We help multi-family housing developers build legacy projects and actually listen to NIMBY's concerns

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Marina Rubina is a terrific architect. She’s creative, thoughtful and always looks for solutions to achieve the most important calculus in our business: minimize costs while maximizing value. Marina is cheerful in the face of the inevitable obstacles that we face and her optimism has helped to make our working relationship extremely positive.

- Aubrey Haines, Managing Partner, Princeton Property Partners

Marina’s expertise in understanding and implementing zoning ordinances, along with her fun and interesting design creates homes that are visually appealing, functional and marketable. Her problem-solving abilities and positive attitude make it a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone from a homeowner to developer.

- Daniel Barsky, RB Homes, INC

I know of very few architects who not only can design an attractive building, but who work with the client and other professionals to be sure that the project maximizes the potential for the site. It’s a skill that vastly improves the end result.

- Christopher S. Tarr, Stevens & Lee

Marina does much more than design her client’s projects. She learns all aspects of the zoning to determine exactly what is permitted on a property. She even finds the areas of the local ordinance that are ambiguous or can be challenged so as to create additional development rights. This is a level of service and skill that other architects do not provide.

- Christopher K. Costa, Stevens & Lee


Unpredictable approval processes kill projects:

  • Time is money, messy and lengthy approvals hurt the bottom line or make projects unfeasible;
  • If you can't get the right number of units, there is no project;

Crappy projects kill community:

  • Cookie-cutter solutions do not respond to unique communities and sites;
  • Dismissing legitimate community concerns and needs fuels project opposition.


The project gets approved in a timely manner that meets schedule and budget.

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Should your business decisions be based on uncertainty?

After you spend years waiting and tens of thousands in professional fees, should you be left at the mercy of a board decision?


Instead, consider the possibility that your approvals are clear, predictable, and lead to successful projects. Can you really turn NIMBYs into YIMBYs?


IS IT POSSIBLE? YES, with the right approach



We get your difficult to approve projects passed.
How do we do this?
We have a unique way of maximizing project
profitability while creating projects that make communities proud.

We hold this truth to be self-evident: not all density is created equal. Only the type endowed by its designers with certain intrinsic qualities will succeed in creating LOVABLE places to live. Among these qualities are Light, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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If you would like to understand how liveable density can help you project, you can

Download the Livable Denisty Brochure

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.”
John F. Kennedy

If you are a developer and have found yourself becoming frustrated at the endless red tape, complex zoning and pace at which your projects are realised - maybe now is the time to take a new action.

To discuss a project or zoning strategy for your developments, use the booking form below to schedule a call with me. You can also send an email to info (at) mrubina.com