Quarry St

A new contemporary residence in the heart of Princeton Borough, Winner of the 2012 AIA New Jersey Design Award.

Quarry Street house is located in the heart of Princeton. This new contemporary house fits well into the closely-knit Witherspoon Jackson neighborhood: it is positioned close to the street maintaining a consistent urban street frontage.  The horizontal siding in the front picks up on the horizontal siding typical of the surrounding houses, while the alternating siding sizes, vertical siding, and large panels on other sides accentuate the playful and sculptural volumes of the house.  The cantilevered car port fits with the tradition of side driveways.  The front steps, porch and a large kitchen widow facing the street are well suited for conversing and waving to neighbors.

The house was an experiment in providing high quality sustainable residential development affordably. It was fabricated at a modular factory in less than a month, installed on site in one day, finished completely in about a third of the time it would take to build on-site. The modular manufacturers have perfected fabrication techniques to allow production of standard houses efficiently and at incredible speed. The Quarry Street House utilizes these best practices, but pushes the design to the next level: no need to standardize the design as long as standard fabrication methods are used.

Modular House Set: June 16, 2011